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We have worked on a lot of projects since the creation of Digital Fever, some fulltime, built from the groud up and others providing some of the key marketing tactics helping all projects gain new investors. Below is just some of the projects we have worked with.

Sportemon-go (SGO)


market cap

Ultimo GG (ULTGG)


market cap

Liquidus (LIQ)


market cap



market cap

doge x


market cap

Feed token (FEED)


market cap

First of all I would like to give Digital Fever a congratulations on how well they have inserted themselves within Binance Smart Chain (BSC), they are a well rounded marketing team that operate at a very high standard, not only are they always on call and available in a heartbeat but they are a very knowledgeable team within this forever growing space, they know exactly what to do and what not to do at all times.

Shoailb | Project: Tetherblack

Top class crypto marketing agency. Advanced shilling service run by a great team - @AtoneGainz and the YoRocket Team

AtoneGainz | project: YoRocket

Thanks to DF and the entire team because these guys basically gave us directions into crypto, they gave us blueprints they made all the mistakes which we didn’t have to make. They have a super slick process and procedures, backroom, operation, they have the finest devs, the most knowledgeable marketeers, they have the network, they have everything that you could possibly need as a client to make your project a success. Don’t waste your time or your money going anywhere else, just there isn’t any point.

William the hedge fund hippy | project: ULTGG

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